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Sterling Silver Tranquility Harmony Ball 16mm CC

Sterling Silver Tranquility Harmony Ball 16mm CC


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Sterling Silver Serenity Harmony Ball 20mm

Colour: Silver and Brass
Material: Sterling Silver and Brass
Ball Size: 16mm diameter
Semi Precious Stone: Clear Crystal
Chain: 46cm silver plated snake chain

Nickel Free

All Harmony Balls come with The Harmony Ball Legend

The Harmony Ball Legend

Harmony Balls originated in ancient times and people believed that the soft mystical sound of the chimes brought inner peace and harmony to the soul.
A Harmony Ball is a beautiful piece of jewellery, crafted in Sterling Silver, often crowned with a semi-precious stone.  There are many intricate designs, each one passed down through generations of skilled silversmiths.  Inside the silver casing is a small bell, the sound of which has a calming and relaxing effect.